For 2018’s Inktober I made a panel-a-day comic about Gill, the dungeon crawler from last year’s Inktober, for which I did a series of character designs accompanied with a short blurb about the character. The comic follows Gill’s encounter with the dungeon hag named Helgeda, another character from 2017’s Inktober project.

Panel 1.jpg

 Inktober No.1 - Gill the dungeon crawler approaches his most dangerous bounty yet, the Dungeon Hag of Pillar Desert.

Panel 2.jpg

Inktober No.2 - After traversing the labyrinthian halls of the dungeon, Gill discovers the hag in the middle of a dark ritual.

Panel 3.jpg

Inktober No.3 - Gill rushes the hag, thinking he has the drop on her.

Panel 4.jpg

Inktober No.4 - The hag surprises Gill with a swift slash, severing his arm!

Panel 5.jpg

Inktober No.5 - After scrambling his way out of the dungeon, Gill wanders through the desert dazed and bleeding out.

Panel 6.jpg

Inktober No.6 - Delirious, Gill stumbles into a ravine.

Panel 7.jpg

Inktober Day 7 - The Rescue; As Gill floats down the stream, a mushroom villager calls out for help.

Panel 8.jpg

Inktober No.8 - The mushroom villagers prepare to operate on Gill.

Panel 9.jpg

Inktober No.9 - After days of sleeping and healing, Gill begins to wake up.

Panel 10.jpg

Inktober No.10 - Gill stares into the mirror examining his loss and the strange metal rings where his arm once was.

Panel 11.jpg

Inktober No.11 - Gill finds a chest near the mirror with a note from the villagers that the contents are for him.

Panel 12.jpg

Inktober No.12 - Inside the chest Gill finds new robes and a cuirass, a new sword, and a prosthetic arm with an empty chamber inside it.

Panel 13.jpg

Inktober No. 13 - As Gill fits himself with his new gear, the shaman of the mushroom village knocks on the door with a final present.

Panel 14.jpg

Inktober No. 14 - The Shaman gifts Gill with a fire spirit that will live inside his gauntlet and fight by his side. She explains that she saw his loss to the hag through her magic, and that the hag sends beasts to pillage the mushroom village. The villagers want Gill to return and defeat her.

Panel 15.jpg

Inktober No. 15 - An explosion rocks the mushroom village and sends Gill and the shaman flying.

Panel 16.jpg

Inktober No.16 - New weapons in hand, Gill rushes towards the source of the explosion.

Panel 17.jpg

Inktober No. 17 - Gill emerges through the smoke as a reptilian beast launches a college of fiery blasts at him.

Panel 18.jpg

Inktober No.18 - Gill throws a wave of flames back at the reptile, but it isn't very effective.

Panel 19.jpg

Inktober No.19 - Gill swiftly slashes at the monsters head, severing it.

Panel 20.jpg

Inktober No.20 - Gill gets treated to a feast by the villagers to celebrate his triumph against the beast. The villagers help Gill refeul and prepare to return to the desert.

Panel 21.jpg

Inktober No.21 - The mushroom villagers say goodbye to Gill and his new companion as they depart into the forest, on their way back to the desert.


Inktober No.22 - Making their way through the wilderness.


Inktober No.23 - Making their way through the graveyard of giants.


Inktober No.24 - Gill arrives at the steps of the dungeon once again.


Inktober No.25 - Deep inside the dungeon, Gill and the hag face off again.


Inktober No.26 - A clash!


Inktober No.27 - Gill vanishes as the hag slashes away at him.


Inktober No.28 - Flames spark inside Gill's gauntlet as he blindsides the hag from behind and prepares to blow her away.


Inktober No.29 - Gill ignites the hag with a wall of flames.

Panel 30.jpg

Inktober No.30 - Gill turns in the hag's charred head at the bounty hunter's tavern.

Panel 31.jpg

Inktober No.31 - Gill and the fire spirit celebrate their triumph!